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Giraffe Bottle™ Hands Free Drinking empowers users to take command of their hydration and is perfect for those with mobility disorders. Giraffe Bottle is great for wheelchairs, desks, beds, tables, and more. When combined with a MOGO bottle holder and mounting arm, the Giraffe Bottle transforms into the perfect wheelchair drinking device. With the Giraffe Bottle drinking system, people with disabilities, injuries, or other conditions -- including CP (cerebral palsy) or MS (multiple sclerosis) -- can stay independently hydrated.

Staying hydrated is a critical component to optimal functioning. Your heart, brain, and muscles all depend on water to stay active and alert. However, depending on your mobility, getting a drink can be a difficult task. The Giraffe Bottle brings hydration directly to the mouth and provides a user with another level of independence. Just the same, it also frees up a caregiver or parent to provide more comprehensive assistive care.

We like to think of Giraffe Bottle as more than just an assistive drinking device. Meet Giraffe Bottle: your new hydration companion.


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